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Product Descriptions


Why should anybody buy your product or service... ?

Because it's amazing and will improve their life, that's why.

All-too-often, however, the quality of a business's product descriptions doesn't match that of the product itself. 

So, whether you're about to knock Jeff Bezos right off his ruddy perch, or you're just starting to sell your home-made tea cosies on Etzy, get in touch and I'll write you product descriptions that are:

Accurate and concise

to describe your product's features and benefits.

Optimised for SEO

to ensure more people find your product online.


to lead customers to take the action you wish them to

(i.e. clicking that "Buy now" button!)

Written in your brand voice

​to foster customer loyalty.


Pricing for product descriptions varies depending on length and complexity. Get in touch for a chat so I can give you an exact quote.

Prices start at $25 per description

  • Check out examples of my product descriptions here.

*Since I take on clients from around the world, prices are quoted in US Dollars ($), but can be paid to the equivalent amount in your local currency.

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