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Blog Articles


Don't be shy... you're a bit of an expert.  

And blogs are a great way to show it. Maybe you just need a few paragraphs. Or maybe you're after a 5,000-word whopper. 

Either way, from ideation to the finished article, I craft blogs in the tone of voice that best reflects your brand, truly resonates with your target audience, and:

  • position you as an expert in your field;

  • create deeper relationships with your customers; 

  • foster engagement;         

  • attract new customers with SEO-optimised copy;

  • encourage readers to take the action you want.


Pricing for blog articles varies depending on length and subject matter. Get in touch for a chat so I can give you an exact quote for your project.

Prices start at $150 per blog article

  • Check out examples of blog articles I've written here.

*Since I take on clients from around the world, prices are quoted in US Dollars ($), but can be paid to the equivalent amount in your local currency.

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